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I Am Thinking Of Starting An E Cigs Reviews Website

Lately, I have been looking around the Internet to try to find a website dedicated to e cigs reviews that I would actually consider of high quality. I have not had a lot of luck. Sure, there are a lot of review websites out there, but I find the majority of them to be somewhat biased. When I read them, they impression that I come away with is that the main purpose of the website is to simply sell electronic cigarettes, so I do not feel that I can fully trust the reviews that are contained on the site. That is not what I would want my site to be like!

On my website, when I get it up and running, there are going to be reviews on there that are true and unbiased reviews. I feel like those are the only type that a person can really trust. Of course, I will probably accept paid advertising because that is how a website makes money – but the advertising dollars would never come from the reviews themselves. They would simply be ads that would be clearly marked as such on the pages.